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The "Armenia Pomegranate Wine" is an excellent semi-sweet wine from Armenian mountain regions. Thanks to the favorable Armenian sunny continental climate, the pomegranates here are full of flavor and juicy, which creates delicious, exceptional fruit wines.

The pomegranate is one of the most recognizable symbols in Armenia. In Armenian mythology, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and happiness in the family. During the weddings in West Armenia, the brides threw a pomegranate and broke it into pieces. The idea behind this is that the scattered seeds of the pomegranate take care of many children in the family.

This impressive wine is made from the best white pomegranates from the Meghri region. For the fermentation, Pomegranate juice (70%) is mixed with grape juice (30%) and then fermented for two weeks at a temperature between 26° C to 28° C in stainless steel tanks.

The "Armenia Pomegranate Wine" has a beautiful ruby red color in the glass. The wine distinguishes itself with a unique bouquet of rich pomegranate and berry aromas. On the palate, the wine is complex with rich, sweet tannins and has an expressive fresh taste of pomegranate, red currants and cherry in the aftertaste.

This beautiful wine is an ideal combination with cheese, meat, spicy dishes and dessert. Serve the wine at a temperature of 8° C.

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