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Ucom decided to help small and medium enterprises during Covid-19 and in cooperation with Burnwe created the company overview video series for them. This one is for Momik Wines.

About company overview videos βœ…

A company overview video showcases who the company is and what they do. Corporate videos are a quick way to tell a company’s story. They should be no longer than 5 minutes long and highlight the information that is most useful to viewers.

About Burnwe: βœ…

Burnwe is a video marketing agency specialized in creating digital videos of all types and formats from animated explainers, app tutorials to commercial ads, and social promo videos. We provide full-scale video production services based on a video marketing strategy to our customers all over the world helping their products stand out in the international market. Our target scope of collaboration includes startups, tech, and mobile companies.

About Partner: βœ…

Ucom is a mobile network operator and internet service provider. It occupies the key position in the Armenian mobile internet market.

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