The Ultimate WINE FESTIVAL Experience at the Areni Wine Festival | Areni, Armenia


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As the eighth day of my Armenia trip continued, I headed to the town of Areni to do something I’ve been dying to do for years, visit the world-famous Areni Wine Festival! Come along with me as I have the ultimate wine festival experience!

Armenia Travel:

The Areni Wine Festival is one of the best and most well-known wine festivals in Armenia! It’s the main reason I decided to visit this country in October.

Back in 2008, after excavations were done in nearby caves, they learned that the oldest winery in the world is in the Areni area! It’s located in a cave and is over 6,000 years old!

At the festival, you’ll find vendors selling fruits, jams, honeys, crafts, jewelry, and of course, wines. There are also at least 25 Armenian wine producers! You can also see women mashing grapes with their feet in a large vat.

I had never seen grapes being stomped before. One of the women in the vat even fed me some. They were really good, even seeds and all! They were fantastic!

At the festival, you can guy a glass for 3,000 dram/$6.27 USD. If you have the glass, you can go up to each wine producer and get a small taste of their products. If you like it, you can buy a glass of it.

I loved the Karas dry semisweet wine. They (and every other vendor) gave me a lot more than they usually would have! They have rose, white, and red. It was a really delicious glass!

At the Kenats wine booth, I tried the vendor’s favorite, a delicious red dry wine made from a mixture of Armenian grapes. It was different but amazing!

Then, I tried a dry Albariño-like white wine and a peach slice at the Maran Winery booth. Armas Wines had an incredible rose, and after watching an awesome dance performance, I tried a light rose from Voskeni Wines with some fans from Kazakhstan!

At the Old Bridge booth I tried their Voskehat white wine, which was also similar to an Albariño from Spain. Then, I tried some of their amazing cognac, before I grabbed some noodles from Tava Meat and Wine. The noodles were nice and creamy and contained seeds, yogurt, beef, herbs, and two different sauces. It was pure deliciousness!

Next was the dry white wine from the Tus Wine booth, the Tariri dry white wine from Armenia Wine Company, and their amazing red semisweet. They were so nice and gave me a bottle to take home!

After that, I joined a conga line! I was loving the people and culture of this country. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. The good vibes were palpable!

Then, I tried some cheeses aged in Armenian wine and brandy at the Mikayelyan Family Farm booth. The first cheese was super creamy and had a hint of the wine. The second one was fantastic and had grape leaves in the outside crust!

Next up was the Arag at Rikars Wine and a dry pomegranate wine at Matevosyan Wine. It’s so good! Their semisweet pomegranate wine was the best I’d tried so far. I also loved their white wine, which was different but nice.

At the Noyan Tapan Vineyards booth, I tried a really light beach wine and their Areni Noir, which was full-bodied and had a more homemade, organic taste and feel. Next was a great brownish semisweet pomegranate wine with a brownish color.

The Areni Wine Festival is an amazing place to experience Armenian culture and hospitality. Everyone needs to come here! The people, wine, food, and music make it an amazing experience!

Special thanks to my friends at Armenia Travel for their kindness, hospitality, and for arranging my trip. I couldn’t have done it without them! I hope you enjoyed coming with me to the Areni Wine Festival! Please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures!

Also, if you would like to visit Areni, please contact Lusine.

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